#IamaBlesser: Welcome to the Gallery of the Blessers!

This gallery contains the profiles of all the great Blessers who ever existed throughout the century. They can be your friends, your family member or anyone who looks normal but has a good heart and soul. Check out whether people you know are amongst these profiles and portraits! ***Click Here for more information on the... Continue Reading →

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The Worshippers

I am not used to this...with little black boxes that flash lightning in my direction but... I heard only humans who are at the top rankings of society would receive such flashes and crowds nowadays... I guess my existence is finally acknowledged once more...the deeds I have done and the sacrifices I have made in... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Under Her Cursed Scythe by: J.M Wong (Spoiler Free)

When my stories create an impact on others…that’s more important than anything in this world!

Grim Reader

“A harmless small town girl by day and a merciless killer at night.
Alivia stops at nothing to reap souls. But, unlike other murderers, her soul remains intact.

When she unexpectedly encounters the Blessers- a group of “agents” who are neither Witches nor Witch hunters but bear features of both, she begins to doubt her decisions of killing, and eventually leads her to discovering the dark secrets behind her witchy family and that cursed ring she holds…

Alivia must find a way to redeem her sins and prevent herself from becoming the monster she fears the most.”

Author: J.M Wong
Genre: Fantasy, YA Fiction
Rating: 3/5

Warning: Death, Self Harm, Suicide, Bullying

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